Stay on track || Stay in your lane

During the last three weeks we’ve been talking about pushing your limit then we spoke about not over doing it now tell me are you confused? If yes don’t worry it’s all gonna make sense and if you’re not confused but you’re eager to learn about the benefits of having clear specific things you want to spend time on during your practice and stay tuned but first the intro

No matter what workout you currently have, no matter how much money you paid for it or how recommended or how good your coach is. It’s down to you, and you know this.

You becoming a faster runner is only going to happen when you’re proactive about that aim that goal in your mind that you want to improve on

Means what? What should you do when you going for your Cooper test for example? What should you be thinking about?

Unfortunately too often runners think about distractions. I wonder if I shouldn’t have bought those compression socks he is wearing. Wow those shades she look good on her, I bet you they keep the sweat from running in your eyes.

What a nice color of a water bottle. I wonder if it’s comfortable holding it in ones hand whilst running

I should have worn another jacket or I shouldn’t have won this extra layer. How many more laps until the test is over?

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What does this mean for our running? Find out more, give it a listen. It will grow on you….


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