Runners’ Moaning || How to deal with “excuses runners'”

Runners’ Moaning || How to deal with “excuses runners'”

Success is personal, its depending on where you are as a runner, and where you would like to be.

There are three ways that we learn something or pick up a certain habit. We learn by experience explanation and example. See, someone could explain to you how to run at a faster pace, show you, or you can try to experience yourself. Now what happens is that there is a process that you are going to kick off and can accompany that person.

What… I thought this show is about me …. The listener… yes it is… you the encourager… it ensures a much better base of discussion than listening to the excuses.

“Thereforeencourage one anotherand buildeach otherup, just as in fact you are doing.” “May theGodwho gives endurance andencouragementgive you the same attitude of mind towardeach otherthat Christ Jesus had.”

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