Run for Diamonds || Adapt run behaviour

Something I learnt during my training as a Endurance Coach… it stuck with me ever since. Cruzado & Munoz “to promote through physical interventions In this way runners develop their potential and opportunities available in their surroundings, optimize their environment, and adopt attitudes, values, and behaviors useful for adapting what cannot be changed”. And that’s one of the fundamentals in not only this podcast but also the online learning, the courses. If you have been listening to these podcasts for some time, its always about doing what you can with what you have. If you have limited time, ensure you have training as a top priority. If you always run the same route, try something new….

But when it comes to the big HOW, how should I change as a runner…. How can I develop a mindset…. There is a point we tend to forget over the years.

That we grow with a challenge. That we wish to do the marathon and then settle for lesser distances. That we go for regular runs, and avoid the unpleasantness of a challenging terrain. That we sign up for a 10K rather than a half marathon, just to be safe. … send me a mail to or look us up on

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