Marathon for over 40’s

Till now there have not been many programs developed for runners’. So this is how one of my programs Hypno-Running got developed. As a Hypnotherapist, I saw the positive and powerful effects that occur and what performance enhancement (legal performance enhancement) brings along. I have accompanied everyday people from all walks of life, that had messes up in some form or another. Fell prey to alcohol, excess weight, who have not only managed to change their ways, but are today proud 5 K runners. Something in their brain decided, enough is enough, let’s change. And this happened within a rather short period of time, using a improved version of emdr eye movement desensitization, only the best of nlp neuro linguistic programming all adapted to running.

Find more tips like thison or in our online mental running tool course. A course designed to give you mental strength, like how to build perseverance, tenacity. It is a in-depth 4 hour video course, along with a easy-to-read guide to understanding mental techniques for runners’ in depth. It comes, along with our R.E.S.E.T.® branded coaching certification.

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