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The show for runners’, run coaches, triathlon coaches, wanting to train their mental game. The show is about running, not archery, not curling. Here we focus on running. Do you want to run, faster, longer, feel better after a run, hey even look better whilst running… then this podcast is for you, because not only do I want to inspire you, we will make our way through these topics and help you dig deep and gain deeper insight so you can make and take better decisions.

Latest Episodes

Better thoughts || Better running

Motivational Posts. Why do they get on my nerves? Why do the constant short messages provoke me? Lead to irritation. No pain, no gain. Really. Seriously. OR take the...

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Zeigarnik effect on Running || Run with Zeigarnik

Zeigarnik Effect The Zeigarnik effect states that people tend to remember unfinished or incomplete tasks better than completed tasks. The effect was first observed by Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik,...

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Your Running Memories || Building Great Memories

Let me summarize the benefits right now: #1 A memory can become a legacy. Who knows you might be the next Dean Karnasez or Forest Gump. Ok, scratch that...

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New Year Run || End of the Year Run

This is it… the year is over and done… dusted… throw the calendar away… nothing you can do anymore… Question is despite of where you currently are, in terms...

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Best Run Improvement || Run Better

You will have failure. I mean don’t even get me started with my list of where I set out trained, plan in mind and hey, it didn’t work out....

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Relentless Run || Unyielding running

Relentless runner it such a overrated word. Most runners’ think that doesn’t fit to them. Only if you have done a huge amount of miles, rough terrain, multi day...

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