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The show for runners’, run coaches, triathlon coaches, wanting to train their mental game. The show is about running, not archery, not curling. Here we focus on running. Do you want to run, faster, longer, feel better after a run, hey even look better whilst running… then this podcast is for you, because not only do I want to inspire you, we will make our way through these topics and help you dig deep and gain deeper insight so you can make and take better decisions.

Latest Episodes

Optimistic Runner || Running on pure optimism?

Optimism. What Does being a “Optimistic runner” Mean? Being optimistic is defined as expecting the best possible outcome from any given situation. Among athletes, optimism is associated withapproach-oriented coping,...

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Pessimist Runner || Running with pessimistic thoughts

Pessimist You expect the worst in every situation. You know that the world isn’t all sunshine and daffodils, and that it’s best not to expect much from anyone. But...

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Stay on track || Stay in your lane

During the last three weeks we’ve been talking about pushing your limit then we spoke about not over doing it now tell me are you confused? If yes don’t...

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Fast Progress || Slow Progress

Just a short recap on last week show because this is one of the most important fundamentals to ensure that the practice we do is mindful to ensure that...

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Practise makes perfect? || Perfect Practise makes PERFECT

Practice makes perfect. So they used to say, knowing that IT IS WRONG. Why do we do that? Walk around with quotes or sayings in our head, that are...

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The small steps || Running small steps

Let us say you: Want to run a marathon? Say you want to run the marathon. What’s the first thing YOUwould need to do to make it happen? You...

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